WELCOME! Please note that production times are currently 5-7 days from order to shipping while I finalise end of year bookkeeping. Thanks for your patience!

MASKS - Current Collection

Thank you so much for choosing to support my business for your needs! Each mask comes with either a child size or adult size ear relief strap. Please use this for a better fit and better comfort on the ears. Unfortunately, I cannot guarantee a perfect fit or perfect comfort - I truly wish I could!

Size XS masks will be made with 1/8" elastic, all others with 1/4". 

Masks consist of two layers of cotton with a layer of polypropylene in between. Adult masks will have a stronger nose piece.

A portion of the proceeds from each mask will be donated to charity - follow me on Instagram or Facebook for more info!

Production & Shipping Notes:

I am only one person and I have a day job and two small children so the amount of time I get to sew on any given day does vary! I aim to get all masks out with one week, hopefully much sooner.

USPS is having a bad time right now and as such, First Class is taking longer than usual and getting lost more often. Please use Priority if you need masks by a certain date.

Questions? Let's connect!

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