About Shark + Sparrow

Shark + Sparrow was started by a stay at home mom and makes clothes for kids from tiny fresh newborns to big brave 5 year olds. We are here to tell kids they can wear whatever makes them happy! If you are tired of seeing cool things for your child in the section of stores that doesn't match their gender, S+S is for you, and your AMAZING, unique, phenomenal, individual child.

We strive for social responsibility in our products and supply, and to reduce waste in our items. Only the tiniest of scraps makes it to the trash can. Everything else WILL get used. Patch pockets, lining, reinforcements - we can use it. Where possible, we try to source from places we know are ethical. Our snaps, for example, are sourced from a family-owned company that is self-admittedly "dog crazy" and supports animal welfare organizations. We will never buy supplies from Hobby Lobby.