NEW! Fourth Trimester Survival Pack

Those first few weeks, even months, of having a new baby can be so hard. They're full of so many emotions: love of course, so much love that you don't know what to do with it, but also fear, anxiety, exhaustion and pain. Birthing parents deserve to be spoiled and pampered, to the degree that we can manage.

To that end, the Fourth Trimester Survival Pack contains a few goodies that are just for the birthing parent. Gifts for new babies are piled high in the homes of nesting new parents, but what about the person who carried that little bundle of joy for 40 weeks, each week less comfortable than the last? 

I have a range of beautiful, good quality fabrics that are ethically produced, just waiting to be made into lovely post partum robes. The rest of the pack contains:

  • a headband of matching fabric to the robe and elastic for comfort to keep your hair out of your eyes during labor and while establishing breastfeeding
  • cute, snag-free hair ties to help with same
  • a quality water tumbler with reusable weighted straw to keep you hydrated (that breastfeeding thirst is like nothing else!)
  • lip balm (the number one thing on the "DON'T FORGET" list for hospital bags!)
  • sitz bath herbs for post-delivery healing if natural birth, and heck, if a C-section, they just smell nice! Treat yourself - ALL births are real births <3
  • a beautiful tie-on bracelet for your birthing partner to tie on at a time of your choosing - I recommend immediately after birth occurs in case you need an IV. In a few months, the twine will fray, reminding you to look back on how far you've come and how amazingly strong you truly are.

All items in the pack are made or designed by fellow women-owned small craft businesses with whom I have a personal relationship. #womensupportingwomen is extremely important to me, and this is a way for me to make sure I am obtaining ethically produced, small batch supplies for my packs.

There are also options to add a romper for baby, or a matching toddler / child / teenager kimono for big sibling!

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